Angi Weston

MTB Gear Guide

The MTB Gear Guide clinic is all about giving you the insights and considerations you need to select a mountain bike with confidence. We’ll cover the exact steps you need to take on how to set up your bike’s main components, like brakes and suspension, while also providing guidance for all your safety gear, from helmets to shoes. You’ll walk-away with a list of what to carry with you on your ride to stay safe, comfortable, and prepared for whatever you might face on your mountain bike adventures.

This course will benefit anyone who is interested in mountain biking whether they have their own bike already or are preparing to purchase one. The steps for setting up brakes and suspension are especially helpful things to know while you test-ride or demo bikes that you are considering purchasing and once you purchase your bike (or if you already have a bike) you can use these tips to set your bike up for optimum performance.

In this session, students will be taken through a list of questions to ask while shopping for a new bike and steps to take to personalize a bike to fit their riding style and needs whether it is demo bike or your new purchase. This session will also provide information on all the other gear associated with mountain biking like helmets, knee pads, shoes, clothing and common items to carry in your pack out on rides so that you can be prepared and comfortable while out on trails. The goal of this session is to empower female consumers to make more informed gear-purchasing decisions.