Annie St. John

Wild Brilliance – The Nature of River Running

This session will give an overview of how to put together and run your own solo or multi-person river trips, to learn about the wilderness, and find your place in it.

I will cover river day trips, multi-day trips, and expedition level trips. I will go over the gear needed for flat water floats to rapid running, and on to expedition on flat water rivers and rivers with rapids. I will also cover ecology, geology, environmental principles, conservation practices and conservation related work you can get involved in. Wild-crafting, in a sustainable way, will be gone over including books you can use for research on the topic, and uses of the plants such as making healthy tea in the backcountry.

Attendees will have an outline of details to cover for a trip, and will fill in parts of it during the session. Included will be the practical side of river travel, the emotional aspects, and the understanding of nature in our world today through environmental aspects, water law, and conservation. Starting the outline of your trip during the presentation will motivate you to finish your research and get out on the river.

After this session you will be ready to make a solid physical plan for your next trip and have an understanding of the emotional readiness needed to take on the challenge.