Lynda Carpenter

Staying on the Trail Longer with Essential Oils

As outdoor enthusiasts, women on the trail tend to have an appreciation for nature and for natural things. Little is more pleasing then the sunset across the evening sky after a long day of pushing your body and mind to your personal edge. What a thrill it is to sit and rest at the end of the day and reflect on your accomplishment. As part of nature, Essential oils were used as medicine for millennia before today’s toxic and many times completely synthetic remedies. Pure, therapeutic grade Essential Oils are up to 70% stronger than herbs and are invaluable on the trail and in the tent. Essential oils can be used to repel insects, for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and other injuries and as sunscreen. Twisted joints can be soothed and pain and inflammation reduced. Irritations that could otherwize ruin an awesome trip outdoors can be alleviated with simple knowledge of powerful, therapeutic essential oils. In this aromatic and informative class, you will learn:

  • 8 oils you must take in the wilderness
  • 3 ways to tell quality oils from oils that shouldn’t be used therapeutically and may even be harmful
  • 3 ways to safely use essential oils and when and how to dilute them
  • Which Essential Oils soothe aching muscles and joints
  • Which oils are best for minor head and body aches, burns, blisters, bites, stomach upsets
  • Which oils help you sleep better on the trail
  • Which oils help you be more alert

You will get

  • Recipe for effective and non-toxic insect repellent
  • Non-toxic sunscreen and after-sun oil recipe
  • Recipes for non-toxic, disinfectant wipes