Rachelle Niemann

Expanding Your Mindset for Adventure

In this session you will learn practices to help expand your mindset and overcome obstacles that keep you from getting out on the trail or going farther or doing harder trails. I will discuss how confidence is the after effect of action, how to move through the discomfort of growth, and practices that can help you get out and expand your belief in your own potential. You don’t have to be a pro to get out there and try a new sport or trail or go farther or harder than you’ve gone before. When you persist and continue to get out there you will grow strength mentally and physically. Examples of results that I have experienced will help solidify some practices and tips to help with overcoming the mental and emotional discomfort we often feel when trying something new and intimidating. My hope is you will be able to think bigger and take action to get out and tackle those trails you’ve been dreaming about.