Stacy Lynn Gery

Gain Confidence and Control on Your Mountain Bike

This session will provide pointers and tips for improved control and confidence on your mountain bike! The innovative PowerPoint presentation ponders the questions…Why do you ride? What type of rider do you want to be? What are some strategies to get there? How can the easy-to-remember B-DAWWs acronym improve your riding?

Many women are fear-based riders, which limits our ability on the bike; once we get over this fear, our riding progresses tremendously! A sort of “couples therapy” for mountain bikers, fear-based riders will learn to better communicate with the adrenaline-based riders for a much more positive riding experience.

We will review the major bike components and what is important to know about each to improve rider control. In addition to knowing about your bike, the B-DAWWs describe how correct weight distribution, a good attitude, and looking where you want to go can dramatically increase your confidence and skills on a mountain bike. If you are a female mountain biker, you don’t want to miss this session!